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Holidays………..Sabatino Style…..

GINGERBREADWell, another Holiday Season is upon us and again I find myself feeling grateful for all the joy the season brings. I remind myself to slow down, smell the gingerbread, and try not to do it all in one day. Having two adult children on different sides of the country, and making time for all those in what I refer to as our “OPEN family”,  (as someone that experienced divorce as an adult and a child I do not like the term  “broken family”),  is a balancing act that can actually add to the fun . Traveling out west to bake cookies with my daughter and grandson and creating a holiday meal in her home is a special joy even if it is a week and a half before Christmas Day. Seeing my grandson proudly smile as we displayed all the homemade decorations and watching him lick the chocolate from his fingers as we decorated gingerbread men will be memories I will always cherish. Christmas day will be spent with my son, mother and our crew back in New York… and each day in between will be spent wishing friends, associates and strangers, too, all the joy the season brings…  MERRY CHRISTMAS!……….

Junior art 1

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Deck The Halls!

Merry Christmas! Sharing these photos at this special time of year gives me great pleasure. To me, Merry Christmas is an affectionate greeting to be shared with love throughout the season. The pride in the eyes of children displaying their homemade decorations, the joy of baking christmas cookies with loved ones (great recipe for lemon christmas cookies) , singing carols in the neighborhood, the decorating and oh, yes, the shopping…. bring us joy but the true spirit of all the Holy Days is sharing love with friends and family and remembering those that are less fortunate. So…..Merry Christmas and deck the halls with boughs of holly, happiness, love and joy!

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