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Art in the Kitchen

Collaberating with Judi Green of JUDI GREEN DESIGNS, Huntington, New York, to create a kitchen for this home was a joy. The home owners, Jan and Dave, have been collecting art and distinctive furnishings for many years. It is displayed throughout the home and the kitchen was to be no exception.  The kitchen had to serve as a quiet backdrop to the collections of copper and ceramics and the handpainted tiles the clients had collected on various European excursions. I created a floorplan for the room from a purely functional standpoint, using simple maple cabinetry with clean lines, allowing Judi to create focal points with the color and texture of the floor, accessories and wall tiles. The result is a fabulous feast for the eyes that functions superbly for creating culinary masterpieces as well.

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Keeping FUN in the Functional Kitchen

I would someday love to be known as the “Julia Child” of greater New York kitchen design. Yes, this is ambitious and no, I don’t plan to start speaking with an accent. It is my desire to bring that sense of fun, that “add a little of this” and “a pinch of that” to the collaberative design process. Sure, there are building codes and industry standards but what fun the evolutionary process of designing a kitchen for a family that cooks in a suburban home can truly be. Getting to know the nuances of how they function, shopping style from 144 boxes of pasta and 120 cans of tomato paste from COSTCO to almost daily fresh market shopping, storage needs, seating needs, entertaining and appliance wishlist as well as how this space relates to the rest of the home are all of importance to me and can make for some interesting conversation. I do really love the work and have actually been invited back to cook in a few of my designs………….So thanks, Julia, for inspring me to ALWAYS have fun in the kitchen, no matter the task at hand.

This is actually a great Italian Cheescake Recipe. I do add a pinch of this and a little of that, but a great basic recipe none the less. Bon Apetit………….

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